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Before Digging
Call 811 or www.sunshine811
for utility marking.

 Trash Collection

Trash: Tuesday and Friday.

Recycle: Tuesday.

Bulk: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of month.


Note: If you want a recepticle other than the size delivered,

call 954-967-4200

 Management Office

Miami Management is located  at 901 Sabal Palm Drive.
Phone: 954-431-2835
Fax: 954-431-2832
Email (Andrea Giannetto):gpca2@att.net
Email (Mary Gobel):gpca4@att.net



Click here for instructions to use the internet to authorize guests at the front gate!

Telephone for guard gatehouse: 954-435-2985
For voice entry authoriz
ation: 954-435-3569

To Report Mosquito Problems

call Broward County Mosquito Control